You stumbled upon a website belonging to someone who´s been trying to study film for the past three years. Combined with English Philology which turned out to be a very bad idea. At the moment this someone is hoping to not only finish their Bc. studies but also become a student in the Master Degree in Film and Television Studies, during this year.

This website functions both as a realization of the idea of having a film and TV oriented blog not disrupted by a bunch of personal articles, and a way to force the author to actually watch and think about the movies she has to watch for the state exams, and actually behave like a film scientist (I´m like 70% sure that is not what they are called but you know what I mean.).

You´ll find here both film and television stuff, not only reviews but random analysis, ideas, and if a miracle happens and the author will actually socialize in some film-related environment, then a report from festivals or similar events. The blog will take a look at czech cinema as well as the foreign, even some mysterious waters hopefully, that is not only mainstream.

So wish her luck. Thank you very much.


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