Exams passed!


I´m so damn full of myself that I have to publicly announce an important thing just happened in my life. I passed my state exams and I have a degree. It´s the tiniest degree which doesn´t in fact mean much, but it´s an opening to the bigger one, so yay me!

I´m Bc. now.  And on top of that, I was accepted in the master´s degree programme which I´m starting this year around September. It will be a combination of film studies and TV+ radio studies. It´s pretty exciting and also kinda terrifying. Up to this point I had the film studies combined with English Philology that kept me from participating in film-related activities. Now I won´t have an excuse, so I´ll have to push myself really hard to live up to the expectations of my teacher and peers. Yes, the impostor syndrome is strong with this one. But I´d like to work on that too. Hopefully the uni psychiatrist will have time.

I got lucky with the questions and now I gotta start doing stuff. I have some articles planned for this site, I want to dig a bit into some blockbuster franchises, namely PotC and Underworld, maybe pick apart Rogue One, look into all the cartoons I´ve watched and also American Gods, cause, man, that was one cool show.

I should look into some radio stuff as well, simply because of the field of study, as well, and I have some film-related books coming, so maybe review will happen. There´s tiny chance I might make it to the Summer Film School, though I´m not sure if I´ll have the money for that.

So, we´ll see. Anyways, that´s it for the personal post. So, see you until the next post!


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